Courses To Help You Plan Your Divorce

Courses Designed To Help You Better Understand The Divorce Process And Save Money On Attorney’s Fees

Divorce Roadmap

The basics to get you started down the path of your divorce and a new chapter in life.


  • Family Law Software - FREE ACCESS!!
  • Divorce Roadmap
  • Divorce Rules by State
  • United States Legal Resources
  • Joe's Tips Email

Divorce Education Starter Kit and Essential Training

Essential training that every person going through a divorce should go through.

Regular Price $295



  • Step One: Setting Priorities
  • Step Two: To-Do List
  • Step Three: Your Document List - Getting Organized
  • Step Four: The Financial Declaration / Affidavit
  • Step Five: Evaluating An Agreement
  • Step Six: Separation Agreements
  • Tips For Finding A Good Attorney
  • Preparing For Your Initial Meeting With Your Attorney
  • Bonus Material

Divorce Preparation and Advanced Financial Training Course

20+ In-depth training topics with videos, worksheets, examples, and other resources. Login access to FLS (Family Law Software) and financial analysis reports. Also includes essential training course.


  • 19 Step Indepth Training Topics With Videos, Worksheets, Examples, and Other Resources
  • Tax Issues With Divorce and Common Financial Pitfalls
  • Setting Expectations
  • Financial Considerations In Divorce
  • Post-Divorce Financial Considerations
  • QDRO's And Retirement Money With NO IRS Penalties
  • Property And Household Inventory Worksheets
  • Pensions And Retirement Account
  • Spousal Support Worksheets & Checklists
  • Child Support & Worksheets
  • Child Custody, Calendar Samples and Resources
  • Debt and Expense
  • Social Security
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's)
  • The Divorce Decree
  • Going To Court
  • Transmitting FLS Data To Your CDFA Or Attorney
  • Additional Resources
  • Finding Hidden Assets
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