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You have likely heard so many horror stories of a bad divorce, but they don’t all have to be like that. By knowing the right questions to ask and having the proper paperwork in order, your divorce will be easier to navigate, you can save money, learn to protect yourself and your assets, and plan your divorce so you aren’t taken advantage of.


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Divorce is a complicated and trying process. It is incredibly difficult to navigate on your own, which is why we have created this course to help you understand the appropriate steps to take to successfully complete the divorce process. 

We believe that you should be able to find good educational resources to help you throughout the divorce, even if you can’t necessarily afford to seek legal counsel. This course is a cost-effective way to help you navigate your own divorce process as effectively as possible. 

We always recommend consulting with an attorney when you are undertaking the divorce process, as this advice and information is not intended to be a replacement for legal counsel. Though we are based in Utah, this information is still applicable and helpful to those completing the divorce process in other states. 

Throughout this course, we will provide information about a broad array of topics and steps required to complete the divorce process. As humans, we often learn best through repetition, which is why we recommend watching these videos multiple times to ensure that you thoroughly understand the information given in the video. 

These videos have been designed to provide you with effective, helpful information that can help to illuminate the way to achieve your goals throughout the divorce process.

What You Get In This Course

Determining your priorities is a very important step in the divorce process. We show you how to effectively plan out your path and what considerations to take into account. We help you prioritize your important items, goals, and activities to achieve your desired divorce results.

An effective to-do list will help you organize your priorities into actionable steps. This list will be a guide in determining what needs to be completed and what has been completed. Without an organized to-do list, it’s easy to overlook an important item.

The document list we provide goes through documents required before completing the next steps, such as the financial declaration. By getting organized, you’ll know what questions to ask as you proceed through the divorce process.

Once the previous steps are completed it is time to move on to the financial declaration. We will show you how to simplify this process and what do do if you are self-employed or a business owner. With the supplied forms and worksheets, we help you understand the tasks involved in the financial declaration.

By revisiting some of the earlier steps, completed worksheets and documents, it’s now time to evaluate the divorce agreement to decide where your earlier priorities line up.

We help simplify the process when going over the the very large separation agreement documents. There is a lot in these documents so our sample document will help you understand the process being this important step.

It’s important to be prepared for your initial meeting with an attorney. Our form will help you understand some of the important items to cover to help them better prepare you for your divorce.

Our divorce roadmap helps you visualize the process you will be going through when planning your divorce. By understanding the process, it is less overwhelming and easier to prepare for.

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Education is Key to Getting a Fair Divorce Settlement.

Prepare yourself by learning from an expert divorce and financial planning expert, Joe Davis, EA, CDFA

Joe has spent his career helping attorneys and their clients Identify and avoid financial mistakes that are are often the result of poor preparation and planning during the divorce process.​

Course Materials

This course includes a combination of training videos, worksheets, sample divorce documents, interviews with divorce attorneys and materials that we have used to provide training to attorneys and their clients for many years. If you or someone you know is starting down the path of divorce, this will save help them understand and be educated about the process.

  • Getting Started
  • Step 1: Setting Priorities
  • Step 2: To-Do List 
  • Step 3: Your Document List – Getting Organized
  • Step 4: The Financial Declaration / Affidavit
  • Step 5: Evaluating An Agreement 
  • Step 6: Separation Agreements 
  • Tips For Finding A Good Attorney 
  • Preparing For Your Initial Meeting With Your Attorney 
  • Bonus Material

A Few Questions We Get

How Long Do I Get Course Access?

When you purchase the Divorce Essentials course, you get unlimited access to the course and can revisit it as you wish.

Can I Share My Access With Someone Else?

Yes, but we’ll take it a step further. Simply email us the person you would like to add and we will grant them their own login credentials. Please only keep it to one other person.

Can This Course Help Me Save Money?

Depending on your legal council, many charge based on time, forms, questions, and other aspects. By knowing the questions to ask, you can potentially save thousands.

Do You Keep My Credit Card On File?

Your payments are not processed on Divorce Planning Pros. Instead, we use an industry giant known as Stripe and you get their industry level encryption. Learn more here:

Do I have To Install Anything?

No, everything is hosted on our servers so you simply log in with the credentials we email you and start your course.

What If I Have More Questions?

We would be happy to help. Simply visit our contact page and send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

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