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  • Divorce Roadmap Worksheet
  • Divorce Roadmap Overview and “What to Expect During the Process” Video
  • Divorce Rules by State
  • United States Legal Resources
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** Family Law Software is used by many of the top divorce attorneys in the country to help clients organize their financial information and provide reports, run scenarios and help build a solid case for the court. When time is right, you can share your access to your data and reports with your attorney or other advisors you choose to work with. This is a value of over $700 over 12 months. You will NEVER be asked to pay for the software tool and is provided as a complimentary service to all who signup. 

During the divorce process, people make many financial and tax decisions. 

For Example:

Which assets should I keep? Should I stay in the house? What is a fair spousal support amount? Do I need to find a job or switch jobs? Who should claim the tax exemption for the children? What filing status should I use? Will I be OK with this settlement after spousal support ends?

In the heat of the moment, one or both parties often make decisions they come to regret.

Access to Family Law Software and our FREE Roadmaps are designed to help prevent tragic financial mistakes.

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"Joe and Travis are fantastic to work with and exceptional professionals. Their website is incredibly user friendly for securely uploading documents and Joe was always willing to patiently assist and explain the process. During the stressful and time sensitive times, such as a divorce, it was incredibly helpful to have such a talented and accessible professionals in your corner making ensuring the accounting is done correctly."

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Looking for more? We’ve created a full education series aimed at helping couples understand the process of divorce that includes over 10 worksheets, help guides and checklists and HOURS of video training walking you through what you’ll need to do as you prepare to meet with a divorce attorney. This training course will save you several hours of time that is typically spent in meeting with and communicating with a divorce attorney. 

Looking to learn more about the divorce process?


Course Overview

This course includes a combination of training videos, worksheets, sample divorce documents, interviews with divorce attorneys and materials that we have used to provide training to attorneys and their clients for many years. 

If you or someone you know is starting down the path of divorce, this will save help them understand and be educated about the process. 

Course Outline and Video Training included in the training course

  • Getting Started  
  • Step 1: Setting Priorities
  • Step 2: To-Do List
  • Step 3: Your Document List – Getting Organized
  • Step 4: The Financial Declaration / Affidavit
  • Step 5: Evaluating An Agreement
  • Step 6: Separation Agreements
  • Tips For Finding A Good Attorney
  • Preparing For Your Initial Meeting With Your Attorney

Worksheets, Checklists and Handouts included in the training course

  • The Divorce Roadmap 
  • Priorities Checklist 
  • To-Do List
  • Your Document List
  • Assets, Liabilities, Expenses and Household Inventory Worksheet
  • Charting Assets Worksheet and Help Guide
  • Example Financial Declaration / Affidavit
  • Example Agreement and Help Guide
  • Example Separation Agreement
  • Finding a Great Family Law Attorney – 10 Questions you should ask your attorney and 22 questions your attorney should ask you
  • Top 10 Mistakes Made in Divorce Settlements
  • Interview with a Divorce Attorney and Mediator

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