How To Protect Your Income And Assets In Divorce

At Divorce Planning Pros, we know that you shouldn't have to guess if you will get a fair divorce settlement. We know that you can know what will work and what won't work.

A few months ago I received the following email from one of our associate attorneys:

“Settled! Your report was HUGELY helpful! I don’t think we would have settled without it. 
Thank you!

This email absolutely made my day!

I had been working tirelessly to create what ended up being a 201-page report in a contentious divorce that was headed for trial. Our report included a summary findings analysis backed with 5-years worth of financial records for multiple businesses & household income, assets & liabilities. It was a beast!

The final report included a variety of exhibits that were created through an amazing software program called, Family Law Software. It was this software, in the end, which really made the difference. Family Law Software allowed us to accurately project the necessary marital values to help this couple reach a settlement.

When you are probably dealing with the largest financial transaction of your life, would you not want access to cutting edge tools, specifically designed to help divide marital estates?

This is where Family Law Software steps in. And before you think, “Okay! Here comes the sales pitch!” I want you to know that you can have access to this tool for FREE. No cost. No tricks. No Gimmicks. It’s absolutely free for you to use.

We provide FREE access for our clients, attorneys, friends & associates at no cost whatsoever!

Check out the YouTube videos about this software & our mission here at Divorce Planning Pros. Once you’ve watched the videos, click here to get your FREE access today.

Often I ask attorneys & mediators how they are accurately portraying financial information for divorcing couples such as:

  • Total marital estate values
  • Divisions of marital property
  • After-tax divisions of marital property
  • IRC 72t distributions
  • Pre-marital versus marital assets
  • Alimony
  • Income & Budget Reports
  • Liabilities
  • Child Support
  • Future projections for items such as net worth, income & asset values
  • Business interests
  • Sale of Real Estate
  • Taxes

Most of the time, I am told they are using yellow pads and maybe excel. That’s it…

Through Family Law Software, you don’t have to guess.

Instant answers to critical questions

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