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Like most of you, when I was in college, I had a number of extra-curricular classes I could choose to attend. Outside of the required curriculum, students could choose from a number of classes that had little educational value. We could choose to take a class that was just…fun! From taekwondo, bowling, hiking, snowboarding and my personal favorite, archery. Students could choose from a number of classes to make friends & have a good time.

Do you know which class wasn’t offered at the university? “How to Get Divorced: A practical guide for you & your future soon-to-be-ex.” 

Should you be so lucky to find this class, I don’t think it would take much imagination to realize how wildly unpopular it would be. The university would struggle to fund the class as no one would want to attend or teach it. 

But with a national divorce rate hovering around 50% – wouldn’t it make sense if someone taught this class?

If you’re just getting started in your own divorce, we know how critical it is to understand this process. That’s why we created “Your Divorce Roadmap” (insert link). While the divorce rules, terminology and laws vary from state to state – you will find our roadmap an insightful resource; a helpful guide you can use to help you navigate this process.

I like to think that we’ve picked up where our education system has failed. While I don’t revel in divorce – I know the difference between a successful divorce & a failed divorce. Check out our link & let us help you.

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